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Building a House: Phase I Part I August 30, 2007

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For the past week or so, Mom and I have been flipping through house plan magazines and books trying to find “the one.” Earlier this week, I found it…. THE house plan! It was exciting. So, this morning we went to the drafter’s office and made some modifications and got started on this journey to build a house. 

Going to the drafter’s office was so fun… for me at least! We made the house PERFECT for us and hopefully it will be perfect for my mom’s budget! I tend to have expensive taste, but… I’m trying to hold back! This is going to be a fun process, though… I can already tell. I love designing and decorating, so it will be a blast to completely start from scratch! I can’t wait to pick out colors and cabinets and ceiling fans….. those will be exciting days! 

God is good. And it’s good to be in His goodness!


Life Update August 20, 2007

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Life has been going well lately. Lots of things that needed to happen are happening, which is all thanks to God’s perfect timing. God apparently likes to do these two-fer things where he wants to give you something, but not without teaching you a lesson and building your character first. 

My mom has been trying to sell land since last October and we finally closed on it last Tuesday. That was an exciting day. I think she also sold her house without trying, so we should be starting to build a new house in the coming months. That is equally exciting. 

For about four and a half weeks, I was babysitting for some of my friends and working 15-16 hour days (babysitting and doing my regular full-time job). It was great because their little girl is hilarious and I got some extra income, but it was also an opportunity for me to get out of the house and get busy. There is this saying that if you have five minutes to do something, it will only take five minutes… but if you have an indefinite amount of time to do something, it will take you forever. I like to think that way about life – our days are numbered and we can spend our time on our couches watching American Idol, or we can get up and get going and make a difference in our world. Not to say that relaxing is forbidden… heck, even God took a day off. But, there is so much to be done – in our homes, in our communities, our states, our nation, our world… 

I’m going to be babysitting for some other friends of mine beginning this week, but it will only be 20 hours a week every other week, which is exciting!

My cousin Jimbo and his son Julian came in from California last week and I got to spend some time with them and the rest of my crazy family. I am so thankful for the family I have because I realize how rare it is these days to be as close as we are. We are all so different, but most of us get along pretty well. We have our issues, but we are there for each other through everything. That’s a huge blessing.

And lastly, my dad’s sister (my aunt) died yesterday morning. I am pretty mad at myself beacuse I didn’t go see her in the hospital, but she was in ICU (which was where my dad died) and I couldn’t bring myself to go. I feel really selfish about that… my cousin (her son) was basically taking care of her by himself (although my mom went out there frequently and even stayed in the hospital one night) and I was too paralyzed by fear that I couldn’t even get out there to offer my support. I am not close as with my dad’s family as I am with my mom’s, but it still makes me angry because they were there for me and my mom when my dad died. Hopefully they will understand.