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happy birthday, new life September 19, 2008

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Two years ago today, I saw my dad for the very last time. Two years ago, my entire life changed. I watched my mom crumble as the realization of his death swept over her. I held on dearly to the family and friends who came to comfort us. I wept. I ached. I cried from a place I never know existed.

I have since made peace with my own personal tragedy. I have come to realize that now, two years later, I can remember this day as a day of celebration – not of mourning for a life that was lost, but rejoicing for a life that was gained. You see, my dad lost his life that day. He left this world and went to the next – which in and of itself is a miracle. But, I can proudly say that I also gained a new life that day. In my brokenness, God recreated me. I gave him my life, my past, my sickness, my shame, and he made me new.

I am so excited about what God has done for me and in the lives of those close to me. He is truly in the life-changing business and I am a testament to that. When my dad died, I thought I was surely about to wind up on anti-depressants and living comfortably in a psychiatrist’s chair for the rest of my life. I saw an image of myself weighed down in a deep pit and I was very, very afraid of the person I would become. But, God also gave me an image that night of a thriving, healthy, and stronger version of myself and I asked him to help me become that person. Without a doubt, he has led me step by step on the journey towards him.

My soul has been delivered from the demons that once held me back. God has rescued me from my illnesses and my issues. He has given me new life – new and abundant life. He has made me a new creation, just as he said he would. He has sustained me, he has strengthened me, and he has comforted me.

So, today I pay tribute to my dad by saying happy birthday to my new life in Christ Jesus.


life comes at you fast (what happened to Arnold) September 1, 2008

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On Saturday, Arnold was attacked by a pack of German Shepherd mixes while I was taking him on a walk. There were at least four – possibly five – dogs that attacked him. They were out for the kill. Three of the wounds were four or more inches deep, he had a punctured and deflated lung, and multiple lacerations all over his body (meaning a lot of blood loss). BUT! He is still alive!!! He has been in the care of the sweet doctors at EmergiPet in Northport. They are taking such good care of him and doing everything they can to keep my sweet little buddy alive. He is having a tough time, but I am hopeful. There is a lot that could go wrong at this point and the doctors have advised me that there isn’t much else they will be able to do should something else happen. But, for now he is doped up on drugs so he can rest and we’re just trying to keep surviving. I called around 8 this morning and the guy I talked to said Arnold was even up and moving a bit as some of the drugs wore off – which, to me, is a really good sign. (I mean, this is the dog who wagged his tail after the attack once he realized he was going to get to ride in the car!!!)

I know it is silly, but Arnold is one of the biggest parts of my life. I adopted him almost 2 1/2 years ago and he has been the best dog ever on the face of the planet. Arnold is a trooper and I believe he can make it, as long as things continue to get better and not worse. So, think of Arnold today and pray he makes it.

Oh, and please vaccinate your pets. It is your responsiblity as a pet owner. Please “train or contain” your pets if they are going to roam free without a fence. If you don’t believe they will attack, then you are severly mistaken. Dogs are still dogs – they act as agroup and if they are enticed, they will attack. And their taste for blood elevates – from animals to humans. If you have pets, take responsiblity and ensure their safety as well as the safety of others.