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Learning to Live Missionally and Mindfully

something to think about October 28, 2008

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"…Night before last i was reading in Nehemiah. I finished the book, and read it through again. Here was a man who left everything as far as position was concerned to go do a job nobody else could handle. And because he went, the whole remnant back in Jerusalem got right with the Lord. Obstacles and hindrances fell away and a great work was done… I have one desire now — to live a life or reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it. Maybe He’ll send me someplace where the name of Jesus Christ is unknown. Jim, I’m taking the Lord at His word, and I’m trusting Him to prove His Word. It’s kind of like putting all your eggs in one basket, but we’ve already put our trust in Him for salvation, so why not do it as far as our life is concerned? If there’s nothing to this business of eternal life we might as well lose everything in one crack and throw our present life away with our life hereafter. But if there is something to it, then everything else the Lord says must hold true likewise. Pray for me, Jim."

-Ed McCully in a letter to Jim Elliot after he chose to follow God’s call into the mission field just one day before he was to register for law school.

"Forgive me if I feel a little strongly at this point. I’m concerned about safety but I don’t let it keep me from getting on with God’s business. Every time I take off, I am ready to deliver up the life I owe to God. I feel we should be quick to take advantage of every possible improvement in carrying out the job before us."

-Nate Saint in a letter to his family from the mission field

"This very afternoon thousands of soldiers are known by their serial numbers as men who are expendable…. We know there is only one answer to our country’s demand that we share in the price of freedom. Yet, when the Lord Jesus asks us to pay the price for world evangelization, we often answer without a word. We cannot go. We say it costs too much. God Himself laid down the law when He built the universe. He knew when He made it what the price was going to be. God didn’t hold back His only Son, but gave Him up to pay the price for our failure and sin."

-Nate Saint in a sermon delievered over the missionary radio station HCJB

Taken from Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot.