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Things I Don’t Want to Do… on facebook. August 27, 2009

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For over four years now, facebook has provided me with hours upon hours of mind-numbing, unimportant, and menial entertainment. What started, for me, as a way to connect with my new fellow University of Montevallo students became an all-entrancing gadget in which I could post all my favorite movies, rant and rave about how awesome I am in the “about me” section (to which has currently been reduced to read, “About Me: I have an awesome life.”). It grew into a tool in which I could have a virtual bulletin board where I could display all my favorite “pieces of flair”. I spent hours searching through flair. I could write on my friends walls about hanging out and getting together, so that the whole world would know that me and the other person had something to do other than play on facebook. Usually, though, the hang out never happened. And still isn’t happening. I could create a virtual library, where you could see all the covers of the books I have read. And, of course, I could make things FBO (“Facebook Official”) when relationships got serious…. or un-serious.

Today, facebook’s membership has been extended to include people such as my mother. A sixty-two year old retired gal who likes to randomly stalk (and then comment) on my posts. I should remember that she can read this. (And that she will probably read this blog post, so I better be careful!). Facebook has become Town Square, at least in the virtual world. Everyone is there. I have more “friends” than necessary. I tried to clean up my friends list yesterday to no avail. There are people I don’t really talk to, but I’m nosey, so I want to still know what is going on in their life. That is S-A-D. I decided only to delete the people I actually did not know or no longer had any relevant communication with. I think i deleted about ten people. TEN. Out of over 900. Again, that is S-A-D.

Lately, if you’re like me, you’ve been bombarded with invitations to causes, games, quizzes, groups, and events. And you’ve probably already read about a bazillion blogs or seen several videos that complain about facebook. Well, hate to break it to you… but if you’re reading this, you can add it to your list. I don’t normally complain about facebook, but…. today has been a special day filled with lots of unexpected events so I feel like a good facebook rant is a must. You might be asking yourself at this point, “Self, what frustrates Katie about facebook?” Well, here’s your answer: all the stuff you ask me to do or put out there for me to read that I don’t want to do, read, see, or think about!

I have compiled a list:

1. I do not want to be your friend… if I don’t know you! Who are you and why are you stalking me, stalkery people? The least you can do is clarify who you are and why you want me to be your friend. Then I’ll think about adding you.

2. I do not want to accept your FarmTown gifts. I DON’T EVEN HAVE A FARM! I tried to have a farm, but I apparently suck at harvesting crops so it died. Then I got rid of FarmTown, yet you still want to bestow upon me gifts of seeds, plows, and recently acquired farm-handy items. Let me repeat: I DON’T HAVE A FARM. Therefore, your wagon will sit on my fancy virtual city lot unused and unappreciated.

3. I do not want to fill out a survey in which I am “required” to elaborate on my first kiss or any other PDA-esque moment in my life. Gross. And I don’t want to know those things about you, either!

4. I do not want to see your smoochy smoochy cuddly wuddly messages to your girlfriend/boyfriend!

5. I do not want boycott anything, especially restaurants that were established in part by a good friend of mine. Duh, don’t send that to me.

6. I do not want to read your depressing status updates. I understand that we all have bad days and want to rant about them… heck, I event rant about them via my statuses. But, really. Your life can’t be that bad! SOMETHING good has to happen from time to time!

7. I do not want to be tagged in super ugly pictures of myself. I’m sorry, I’m vain. I know it. Thank God for the untagging tool.

8. I do not want to chat with you EVERY SINGLE TIME I am on facebook. This has since become less of an issue in recent weeks/months, but when facebook chat first started, it seemed like an IM-ing free for all. Use in moderation, people. Moderation.

9. I do not want to read about how you hate Monday or how you are thanking God it’s Friday or how there are only so many hours left until the weekend, your day off, your vacation, your long-awaited source of relief. Mainly because Fridays and weekends are just as busy for me and I get jealous.

10. Last but never least, I DO NOT WANT to read about what you’re doing at every single second! (This applies to Twitter, too!). No one wants to know what you have for lunch every day, no one cares if you go to the gym every day or not, no one wants to know about the billboards you pass as you’re driving to your vacation destination, no one wants a play-by-play of your life. No one. Except God. And you don’t need facebook or Twitter to access him.

There it is, folks. I hope you did not read this in its entirety because it will only confirm that I have had 1) way too much free time on my hands and 2) way too much coffee. Basically, I think having a job and classes again will help with my animosity towards the facebook. But, for now…. this is just how I feel so deal with it!


Getting older’s not so bad when you have friends like mine August 15, 2009

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What I want most for every birthday is to be surrounded by people I love and to see them happy. I always make a big deal out of my birthday because it’s an excuse to get people together and be a host (one of my passions!). I love seeing people in conversation, watching them discover each other, laugh at one another, and build relationships. Maybe my passion is people…. (I’m trying to find my passions in life, if you can’t tell). Last night’s birthday shin-dig was certainly one to remember.

It started with Rachele and me discovering how unqualified we are to light a grill. You’d think it’d be easy….. but, no. About twenty matches later…. we had flame. Then we closed the grill. Then we opened it. Then the flame was gone. So, Rachele tells me to pour more lighter fluid on it. . . . . DO NOT DO THIS! Flames will leap at you! But, we eventually got it going and everyone got to grill their favorite foods while Rachele and I made Unintentional Sliders. 🙂

After eating way too much white chocolate popcorn, we did the cake/presents thing and…. let me just say, I got some awesome gifts. First of all, Stephen and Susanna gave me The Shell. This shell is no ordinary shell… it is a perfectly formed conch shell that Stephen and Susanna found in Hawaii while on their honeymoon. Stephen planned a long, romantic walk down the shores of Maui and they happened to stumble upon this shell and found a long-lost love letter in it. Okay, that is all a lie…. it actually came from a shell shop in Florida and they had it on display at their house and I asked for it…. so I got it. I love my friends. Rachel and Valentino gave me what we all thought was going to be a pair of earrings or a special coin or a rock from Jerusalem………………. but it was a pickled sausage (and a gift card to Target!). Ashley made me a giant cookie cake, which I ate all of… Nicole brought me a pack of OREOS!!!!! Rachele brought me some BEAUTIFUL gerbera daisies, which I pray last for a really long time. Jon (not Quitt) got me Donavon Frankenreiter’s latest album…. and Ashley Atkins….. She bought me Office Space. Gifts are one of my love languages and my friends definitely hit the jackpot last night.

So, all in all, my extended birthday celebration so far has been excellent! Tuesday is going to be relatively normal except that I’m getting my hair washed and cut and then having dinner at the Cotton Patch. I love birthdays. I love my friends. I love love. Love love love love love.


The One I Let Get Away August 9, 2009

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I ran into my ex-boyfriend this weekend. We were together for nearly two years, cumulatively speaking. His name is Birmingham & Surrounding Areas, better known in this post as BSA.

After an abrupt separation last August, I have stayed far away from BSA in fear that I would, once again, fall madly in love and leave the most comfortable relationship I’ve ever had…. with Tuscaloosa. In recent months, I have gone back and forth in my head debating how much of me loves Tuscaloosa and wants to stay and how much of me longs for a place to call home that is slightly more adventurous and lively. So much of me dreams of a life downtown somewhere where my favorite places are just footsteps away. So much of me longs for something more exciting than Alabama football on Saturdays. So much of me longs to escape from the monotony of a small town. My biggest fear isn’t death or tragedy or heartache…. I have experienced all of those things and come out on top. My biggest fear is staying here and living in a garden home. Sad, right?

One thing I cannot deny, however, is that Tuscaloosa is my home. I know the back roads, I know the short cuts, I know the town backwards and forwards. My family is here as well as my most amazing friends. But huge parts of me are running dry here in Tuscaloosa. I find that my creativity is limited here, my taste buds have become less picky, and my definition of “fun” has since expanded to include organizing and reorganizing my pantry on a Friday night. Maybe I am not giving Tuscaloosa a chance, but I feel that it has had nearly 24 entire years to prove itself and continually falls short of my expectations. Yet, time and time again, I run home to Tuscaloosa. It is my safe place. It is my comfort zone. It is the comfortable boyfriend for whom I settle. Not because I am madly and passionately in love with him, but because I know him and he knows me. Tuscaloosa has been good to me… especially lately as it is the birthplace of my healing and growth. But, part of me knows I can never truly be happy here.

Birmingham (and comparable cities) are intoxicatingly alluring. The history, the culture, the variety… it is all so enticing. The conversations are more stimulating. The food tastes better. The people are more interesting and diverse. Maybe I step into some sort of imaginary world during my visits to such cities. This is why running into BSA is such a dangerous territory. If Tuscaloosa is my less-than-amazing boyfriend, then BSA is certainly The One I Let Get Away.

So, to The One I Let Get Away,

Should I choose to return to you one day… or to one of your other metropolitan counterparts, please do not refuse me. Please take me back in as if I never left. Please be as idealistic and dreamy as I remember you to be. Because, if you aren’t, I fear that I will end up with Tuscaloosa… in a garden home… organizing my pantry. And, really, who likes to organize their pantry?


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