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Tales from Second Grade March 13, 2010

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The fun never stops at Southview Elementary! The kids are constantly doing and saying things that simply crack me up. I know that all kids say things that are funny and cute, but these kids really have something going for them. Maybe it’s just because of the seriousness of their questions and comments… or maybe it’s just the way they say things. Yeah, I think that’s it. These kids have some attitude. Generally, I hate the attitude. But, when they say some of the things they say… the attitude’s where it’s at.

Moments from the past couple of weeks:

– Their surprised faces when I came to class on a Friday instead of a Monday or Tuesday (I had to make up a missed day)

– During lunch, one kid (we’ll call him T.I.) was asking about my son. Well, of course, I don’t have a son. So, then he said “Ms. Lewis, you got grandkids?”

Me: Do I look old enough to have grandkids?

T.I. & surrounding crew: YES!

– Tuesday, I read a short story that didn’t have pictures during reading. The story started off by saying that a little girl had a “chocolate Labrador puppy.” Like a brilliant teacher, I said “Class, does ‘chocolate’ mean that the dog was actually made out of chocolate?’” Of course, seeing that they are all African-American and quite familiar with slang, they yelled “No!! That’s just what color he is!” Yeah, I felt like an IDIOT!

– I got asked if I was pregnant today.

– It seems that I have a new tattoo every week… some days the one on my wrist is a cross. Other days it is an “A,” an “Alabama A,” a star, or chopsticks. No one’s said chopsticks, but that’s what I think it looks like sometimes.

Those are cute and funny stories… yes, I know.But the BEST comment that has been said this entire year goes as follows:

Scene: Hallway, end of day.

Set-up: All the second-graders are lined up ready to go home for the day. I have my marker out, threatening to change behavior “numbers” in their take-home folders if the kids misbehave. I have already given “the look” and some fierce-toned comments to misbehaving students. I get on to a couple more students… and then some kid comes and runs up at me and I stop him with my arm and he hangs on my arm…. Then I sternly tell him to go get back in line. Then, a kid in my class says this…

Statement: Ms. Lewis, you tough! You like a football player! Why yes, yes I am. Tough. Like a football player.


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