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Tales from Second Grade March 13, 2010

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The fun never stops at Southview Elementary! The kids are constantly doing and saying things that simply crack me up. I know that all kids say things that are funny and cute, but these kids really have something going for them. Maybe it’s just because of the seriousness of their questions and comments… or maybe it’s just the way they say things. Yeah, I think that’s it. These kids have some attitude. Generally, I hate the attitude. But, when they say some of the things they say… the attitude’s where it’s at.

Moments from the past couple of weeks:

– Their surprised faces when I came to class on a Friday instead of a Monday or Tuesday (I had to make up a missed day)

– During lunch, one kid (we’ll call him T.I.) was asking about my son. Well, of course, I don’t have a son. So, then he said “Ms. Lewis, you got grandkids?”

Me: Do I look old enough to have grandkids?

T.I. & surrounding crew: YES!

– Tuesday, I read a short story that didn’t have pictures during reading. The story started off by saying that a little girl had a “chocolate Labrador puppy.” Like a brilliant teacher, I said “Class, does ‘chocolate’ mean that the dog was actually made out of chocolate?’” Of course, seeing that they are all African-American and quite familiar with slang, they yelled “No!! That’s just what color he is!” Yeah, I felt like an IDIOT!

– I got asked if I was pregnant today.

– It seems that I have a new tattoo every week… some days the one on my wrist is a cross. Other days it is an “A,” an “Alabama A,” a star, or chopsticks. No one’s said chopsticks, but that’s what I think it looks like sometimes.

Those are cute and funny stories… yes, I know.But the BEST comment that has been said this entire year goes as follows:

Scene: Hallway, end of day.

Set-up: All the second-graders are lined up ready to go home for the day. I have my marker out, threatening to change behavior “numbers” in their take-home folders if the kids misbehave. I have already given “the look” and some fierce-toned comments to misbehaving students. I get on to a couple more students… and then some kid comes and runs up at me and I stop him with my arm and he hangs on my arm…. Then I sternly tell him to go get back in line. Then, a kid in my class says this…

Statement: Ms. Lewis, you tough! You like a football player! Why yes, yes I am. Tough. Like a football player.


For all the things that don’t go wrong… March 11, 2010

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I admit that I am the first person to shake my fist at the sky when something goes wrong and give a big Rachele Whorley, “REALLY!? REALLY, GOD!?” when things aren’t going my way.

Just recently, when my car died a few weeks ago (in the middle of the street… while I had a 100.5 fever…), I just sat there and thought Seriously, God? Today? while I looked towards the heavens.

Sometimes, I take pride in this. I take pride in the fact that I am very honest with God. I have never been afraid to ask “Why?”. When I hear people say “Oh, that Sandra… when her house burned down and she and her family barely escaped, she never asked, ‘Why?’, she just kept going and did what she had to do.”

Well… I’m sorry. I’m not that person. I have asked “Why?” more than once. When my dad died, you can bet that I was asking some major “Why’s”. When I was sick and homebound for three weeks during Christmas 2008, I guarantee I threw up some “Why’s”. For some reason, I have always felt like this was a good thing. My feelings, good or bad, are presented to God in a raw (but probably inappropriate at times) manner and I clearly state my case before him.

But… what I often fail to do is thank God for all the things that don’t go wrong. During worship on Sunday, I just stood in amazement that the vast majority of the sound equipment was working. Have you ever been ready to play for a worship service only to have your sound equipment go out? Yeah, that’s a major stressor.

Then I thought about how many times (91 days worth of time over the past 5 years, to be more exact) I’ve been in my car and not wrecked. Then I thought about how I am not homeless even though my income last year was… well… let’s just say well below the poverty line. Then I thought about how I am not dying from some disease. Then I thought about all the times I did not realize I didn’t have my debit card after loading $100 worth of groceries onto the conveyor belt. Then I thought about all the times my dog did not get hit by a car while he gallivanted on the street unleashed. I thought about all the times my mom has not yelled at me.

This is so elementary… I know that I should be more thankful. And usually, I am thankful that certain things happen. But every now and then, I think I need to stop and thank God for all the things that haven’t gone wrong in my day….

Like today…

I did not hydroplane on Hwy 69. (P.S. “Water on bridge” means “RIVER OF RAINWATER ON THE BRIDGE”)

I was not totally late to math

It did not rain while I walked from class to class

I did not fall and bust my butt while walking on slippery sidewalks

My bank account did not bounce today (or hopefully any day this week)

I did not have to eat a $6 1/2 sandwich from the Shelby P.O.D.

The Graves snack machine was not out of Spicy Chipotle flavored Sun Chips

Okay, some of those are pretty silly… but, hey, those little things made my day a pretty decent one. 🙂

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  “16Be joyful always; 17pray continually; 18give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”


I sold my pants to Kenny Bania! February 18, 2010

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I sold my pants to Kenny Bania….. and other random remarks.

1. Now that another week has begun (and is halfway over), I haven’t had time to watch the Olympics so I can critique them. HOWEVER. I did notice a lot of product placement in the opening ceremonies (hello, Sony video cameras….) which annoyed the crap out of me. But, I’m not even going to go there today.

2. In other news, today is Ash Wednesday. That means the beginning of Lent. I have chosen a rather unconventional behavior to give up for Lent… but it’s one I hope I don’t return to in 40 days. More on that, later. Let’s just say it involves James 3 and Proverbs 15:1.

3. An interaction between me and a student, who I’ll call…. Uncle Leo….

Uncle Leo: Ms. Lewis, can I go to the bathroom?

Me: We just went! Did you not go before we came in the classroom?

Uncle Leo: Yes, I did.

Me: Well then you shouldn’t need to go now.

Uncle Leo: But I gotta go bad, Ms. Lewis!

Me: Can you not wait?

Uncle Leo: No… I gotta go (indicates “#2” with his fingers)

Me: (I just grinned…. laughed….) Make it fast.

4. LOST blew my mind this week. I’m glad the numbers came back… and I’m now more confused about Locke… and curious about what Sawyer’s up to and what the heck he’s thinking.

5. There was something really funny that I thought about that led me to start writing this post…. but, I can’t remember what it was. At all. All I know is that it was funny.

Upcoming in March:

SPRING BREAK. Also known as catch-up week for me. No trips this year.

Alice in Wonderland.

That’s all.


Though it costs all you have… January 28, 2010

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… get understanding. – Proverbs 4:7

Lately, I’ve been re-reading the book of Proverbs. I don’t really know why… usually, I’m an Old Testament story person. I’d rather read Exodus or Chronicles or about Abraham or Esther than read a collection of random sayings. To be completely honest, I’d rather read the Old Testament than the New. I also really like the Psalms. And I like Hebrews. But, Proverbs??  Proverbs does not have a story, a plot, or a true main character (other than “Wisdom”). It’s in the Old Testament, but that’s just about the only favorable trait I can find. But no matter how out of character it is for me to want to read it, I still read it. And I love it.

I think I love Proverbs because I stink at all the things the book talks about. I stink at “keeping my foot from evil” (4:27), “giving freely” (11:24), providing “a gentle answer” instead of a “harsh word” (15:1), and “seeing danger and taking refuge” (27:12).

If my life had a little more Proverbs in it, it might turn out just a tad bit better.


Back in the Saddle. January 17, 2010

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Now that the new year has begun, I’m back on the worship team. My time with the preschoolers has ended and I’m back to singing and leading and doing the things I love most. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s pretty clear I love kids. I mean, my whole degree is based on the education of young children. But, when it comes to church, worship is my passion. And it’s not just music.

Worship is part of our everyday lives, of course, but corporate worship is where I find rejuvenation and a breath of fresh air. Last semester, I had a hard time connecting during worship and spent a lot of time finding alternative ways to worship (writing, praying, etc. instead of singing). But the past few services have led me straight to the Throne.

I love worshiping the Lord. I really, really do. I love coming together as a community, singing His praises, and pouring ourselves out to Him. There is just something really precious about being able to do that. Vineyard is such a wonderful place to participate in worship. Today was particularly great…. or, at least I thought it was.

I love singing, of course. But I also love not singing. Sometimes, I just stop singing, stand back, and listen to God’s people sing to Him. It’s absolutely beautiful. This morning, Jon let me lead the Apostle’s Creed. I grew up reciting the Apostle’s Creed every Sunday and it’s a tradition that I really miss. A few Sundays ago, I actually skipped the message portion of our service to go to the Presbyterian Church, where they say the Creed. I told Jon about this the other day and he actually wanted to do the Creed at Vineyard! If only I had known sooner! It’s definitely not something we’re going to do every week, but… it’s just nice to hear the body of Christ proclaiming our beliefs and standing firm as one community.

Now I’m just rambling, but…. I just wanted to remember this day.

It was a beautiful morning… a beautiful service… and a beautiful way to start off the week.


Poor QBs. January 12, 2010

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Dear Colt,

I told you they hit hard.



Dear Tim,

I took your advice and quit before they made me cry on national TV.




I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


“WE DID!” January 8, 2010

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Yesterday, I had some doubts. Just like I had doubts about beating Tennessee, beating Auburn, winning the SEC championship, Ingram winning the Heisman… I had a lot of doubts this whole season. Not to say that I didn’t think our team could do it, but I was trying to be cautiously optimistic.

And that, my friends, must be the sign that we’re about to do something extraordinary.

Last night’s game was incredible. The first few minutes were terrifying. I think we were all holding our breath, hoping that the boys’ sloppy plays were indicators of nervous jitters rather than an upcoming poor performance. Then the unthinkable happened. Texas’ star QB, Colt McCoy, suffered a shoulder injury early in the game that would keep him out for the duration of the Rose Bowl. We know now that our QB, Greg McElroy, was also playing injured… but a few cracked ribs didn’t stop him.

At first, McCoy’s injury really made me angry. Here we were at the National Championship ready to take down a Texas titan and he wasn’t even able to play. And his replacement wasn’t looking too hot. I didn’t want to win on a technicality because it wouldn’t feel like a true win. But after shaking off his own nervous jitters, Texas’ up-and-coming star QB, Garrett Gilbert, found his groove and brought his boys together to put up one hell of a fight. At one point, it looked like he was about to lead his team to victory. But, they were no match for our onslaught of talent. Texas may have had Gilbert and Shipley, but we had guys like McElroy, Ingram, Richardson, Cody, Arenas, Julio, Johnson, Dareus, and not to mention the entire Tide Nation cheering them on.

What I love, at the end of the day, is that we have a great TEAM. We’re not a one-man show. It’s the entire Alabama Family that makes Alabama football what it is. It’s the coaches, the players, the administration, the students, the alum, the fans, the kids…. it’s a family. No one gets to stand alone here.

And, if Nick Saban knows what’s best for him, he’ll give me a cut of that $400K bonus he received, seeing that my new-found fanaticism is the only explanation for this year’s extraordinary performance.

Get ready… because Bama’s back.