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Fever 2010 February 22, 2010

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I find it strangely coincidental that I am reading a book called Fever 1793 (about the 1793 Yellow Fever epidemic in Philadelpha; written by Laurie Halse Anderson) and that I woke up today with a 100.5 degree fever.

Yesterday I felt “weird” all day, but figured the busy week was just catching up to me. This morning, I woke up with my ears aching (sure sign of a fever for me), a headache, a cough, and a sore throat. I was supposed to be at my placement (2nd grade) today, but couldn’t go because of the fever. So I went to the doctor to make sure I didn’t have the flu and to get some drugs.

As I was driving home, I felt extremely tired. I was just ready to come home and crawl into bed and sleep for a few more hours. Then, about half a mile before pulling into my driveway, my car started to make this soft grinding noise. I thought I hadn’t completely shifted gears, so I slowed down. Then an emergency light came on. Then my battery light came on. Then my battery died! In the middle of the street!!! My phone wouldn’t work, so I just sat there… sickly and irritated, waiting on someone to help me.

It didn’t take long for someone to see me and pull over to help. This nice older man PUSHED my car into my uncle’s driveway and then drove me home. Thank God for the kindness of my neighbors.

My mom says “If it’s not one thing, it’s four.” She’s right.

But I’m not complaining. A day of rest and some car problems never killed anybody.


People I’m Said to Resemble October 27, 2009

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For the past ten years,I’ve been told I look like someone else. It all started on a vacation with my extended family in Panama City Beach. Several of us (aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents… you get the picture) went on this boat called the Yellow Screamer. This boat is a tourist attraction that simply takes you far out in the ocean and speeds through the water up one way and back another. During the ride, one of the tour guides joked about how the other tour guide resembled Donny Osmond.

This is when my life changed forever.

One of my aunts jumped up and said, “Well, my niece looks like Sandra Bullock!”


Everyone was looking at me. Since that day, I have been stopped, questioned, followed (no joke!), and given strange looks all because I apparently resemble someone else. Sandra Bullock is the most popular look-a-like, but I have had some others over the years. I’ll let you weigh in on who you think I look most like!

That’s Ashley Judd, Fran Drescher, Jules Asner, and Sandra Bullock….

You be the judge! I just think I look like me.


Friday Night September 19, 2009

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Some people might assume that my insane popularity keeps me tied up on the weekends. Well…. usually it does, but a couple times a month, I get the chance to just chill out and enjoy some down time. Tonight has been one of those nights. I must say, though, life gets really interesting when you’re me on a Friday night.

My evening started by chasing down a guy on a horse and offering him a root beer. I happened to know this guy and he happened to call me and ask for said root beer, but… I did it nonetheless. The best part was that Arnold got to meet a horse for the first time and I am sad to say I didn’t have my camera! He was so afraid of the horse, but also interested to see what the horse was all about.

Then I did my REL 112 homework (Survey of the New Testament). We’re working on Matthew…. and….. wow. Lots of information there.

Then I jammed out to the Gaithers. No lie.

Then I watched a National Geographic special about the holiest places in Jerusalem.

I also worked on an introductory poster about myself to present to my kindergarten class on Tuesday.

Now I’m about to bunker down for bed, read some of The Unlikely Disciple and get some rest……


I spent my Friday night in because I have a big day tomorrow! My first UA game in about twelve years followed by a girls’ night with my favorite girls. Tomorrow will make for a much more exciting update!


Things I Don’t Want to Do… on facebook. August 27, 2009

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For over four years now, facebook has provided me with hours upon hours of mind-numbing, unimportant, and menial entertainment. What started, for me, as a way to connect with my new fellow University of Montevallo students became an all-entrancing gadget in which I could post all my favorite movies, rant and rave about how awesome I am in the “about me” section (to which has currently been reduced to read, “About Me: I have an awesome life.”). It grew into a tool in which I could have a virtual bulletin board where I could display all my favorite “pieces of flair”. I spent hours searching through flair. I could write on my friends walls about hanging out and getting together, so that the whole world would know that me and the other person had something to do other than play on facebook. Usually, though, the hang out never happened. And still isn’t happening. I could create a virtual library, where you could see all the covers of the books I have read. And, of course, I could make things FBO (“Facebook Official”) when relationships got serious…. or un-serious.

Today, facebook’s membership has been extended to include people such as my mother. A sixty-two year old retired gal who likes to randomly stalk (and then comment) on my posts. I should remember that she can read this. (And that she will probably read this blog post, so I better be careful!). Facebook has become Town Square, at least in the virtual world. Everyone is there. I have more “friends” than necessary. I tried to clean up my friends list yesterday to no avail. There are people I don’t really talk to, but I’m nosey, so I want to still know what is going on in their life. That is S-A-D. I decided only to delete the people I actually did not know or no longer had any relevant communication with. I think i deleted about ten people. TEN. Out of over 900. Again, that is S-A-D.

Lately, if you’re like me, you’ve been bombarded with invitations to causes, games, quizzes, groups, and events. And you’ve probably already read about a bazillion blogs or seen several videos that complain about facebook. Well, hate to break it to you… but if you’re reading this, you can add it to your list. I don’t normally complain about facebook, but…. today has been a special day filled with lots of unexpected events so I feel like a good facebook rant is a must. You might be asking yourself at this point, “Self, what frustrates Katie about facebook?” Well, here’s your answer: all the stuff you ask me to do or put out there for me to read that I don’t want to do, read, see, or think about!

I have compiled a list:

1. I do not want to be your friend… if I don’t know you! Who are you and why are you stalking me, stalkery people? The least you can do is clarify who you are and why you want me to be your friend. Then I’ll think about adding you.

2. I do not want to accept your FarmTown gifts. I DON’T EVEN HAVE A FARM! I tried to have a farm, but I apparently suck at harvesting crops so it died. Then I got rid of FarmTown, yet you still want to bestow upon me gifts of seeds, plows, and recently acquired farm-handy items. Let me repeat: I DON’T HAVE A FARM. Therefore, your wagon will sit on my fancy virtual city lot unused and unappreciated.

3. I do not want to fill out a survey in which I am “required” to elaborate on my first kiss or any other PDA-esque moment in my life. Gross. And I don’t want to know those things about you, either!

4. I do not want to see your smoochy smoochy cuddly wuddly messages to your girlfriend/boyfriend!

5. I do not want boycott anything, especially restaurants that were established in part by a good friend of mine. Duh, don’t send that to me.

6. I do not want to read your depressing status updates. I understand that we all have bad days and want to rant about them… heck, I event rant about them via my statuses. But, really. Your life can’t be that bad! SOMETHING good has to happen from time to time!

7. I do not want to be tagged in super ugly pictures of myself. I’m sorry, I’m vain. I know it. Thank God for the untagging tool.

8. I do not want to chat with you EVERY SINGLE TIME I am on facebook. This has since become less of an issue in recent weeks/months, but when facebook chat first started, it seemed like an IM-ing free for all. Use in moderation, people. Moderation.

9. I do not want to read about how you hate Monday or how you are thanking God it’s Friday or how there are only so many hours left until the weekend, your day off, your vacation, your long-awaited source of relief. Mainly because Fridays and weekends are just as busy for me and I get jealous.

10. Last but never least, I DO NOT WANT to read about what you’re doing at every single second! (This applies to Twitter, too!). No one wants to know what you have for lunch every day, no one cares if you go to the gym every day or not, no one wants to know about the billboards you pass as you’re driving to your vacation destination, no one wants a play-by-play of your life. No one. Except God. And you don’t need facebook or Twitter to access him.

There it is, folks. I hope you did not read this in its entirety because it will only confirm that I have had 1) way too much free time on my hands and 2) way too much coffee. Basically, I think having a job and classes again will help with my animosity towards the facebook. But, for now…. this is just how I feel so deal with it!


note to self February 21, 2009

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It is not a good idea to openly dicuss your issues and disillusionment with Sarah Palin in a room full of University of Alabama Education majors.


while you were sleeping…. January 20, 2009

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After my dad was in a coma in 2000, he woke up telling some really funny stories from dreams he had while he was sleeping…. Apparently at one time I wrote them down intending to make some goofy song for my dad. I never really put it all together, but when I read this… I laughed. These are things he really said! I just had to share.

while you were sleeping
you made some funny faces
but nothing could prepare us
do you know who i am?
i’m a mexican movie star
i’m really quite thirsty
from eating all these sandwiches
could you please attend to me
and get me out of this mess
i’m tired of being in this bed
i’d like to get up and walk around
so please go to the nurses station
and grab me another gown
i’ve been alseep for far too long

… and apparently, I jotted this down, too:

we don’t argue anymore
about monday night television
an agreement was made
that for one night, we’d make revisions
and every monday night
of every week
we watch super stars
like undertaker get beat
how could you be so fun?
i used to think you were dumb
but now i look forward to your program
dad and i really love the ring

I love silly memories like these!!